Climate Tech Startup Spotlight - 2021 Report

Climate Tech Startup Spotlight - 2021 Report

Understory Team
Understory Team

Throughout 2021, Understory highlighted a variety of these emerging companies that are using technology and innovation to make our world more sustainable. The companies that Understory identified use technologies, science, innovative processes, or new business models to drive sustainable change within their respective verticals.

Last year was a banner year for venture investment into climate and sustainability tech with over $60 billion raised globally in the first half of the year alone. While the majority of funds flowed into sectors such as renewable energy and EV technology, emerging segments also received significant capital as well. Areas like 'net zero', 'ESG' and 'circular economy' have seen increasing innovations and investments.

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We believe that in order to make major progress in climate actions, we have to create strong and long-lasting communities to support builders, startups, incumbent innovators, and individual visionaries. The Understory community shines light on what's next, who are making differences, and together brings value to the innovation and investment communities at large. Our goal is to accelerate the work of these climate and sustainability innovators to help scale the positive impact we can make in our environment and in climate change.  

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