Startups Driving Sustainability - 2020 Report

Startups Driving Sustainability - 2020 Report

Understory Team
Understory Team

Throughout 2020, Understory highlighted emerging companies making our world more sustainable. The emerging companies that Understory identified use technology, science, and innovative processes to accelerate sustainable change in various industries.

We discovered companies using material science to create sustainable materials, replacing plastic and packaging waste. We met startups building software platforms and digital tools to empower sustainable business models like circularity, carbon credits, and ESG investing. We met innovators who are making efforts to help transform the way we work, consume, and operate toward a green future.

Team Understory hopes that this inaugural report of Startups Driving Sustainability provides insights into emerging players and what they do in sustainability.

We see a few major trends that will persist in 2021.

  • Recycling is a given.
  • Upcycling is a new must-have goal and must-do.
  • Circularity is the new mindset and term that CEOs, Board of Directors, and leaders must adopt and implement across their organizations.
  • Technology and innovation will enable and accelerate climate actions in small and big companies.
  • ClimateTech, GreenTech, SustainabilityTech are not just investable categories but expanding categories.
Understory - Startups Driving Sustainability - 2020 Report

We hope you find this report helpful. For more background information, check out our research and white papers on Circularity, ESG, and other topics.

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