'Startups Driving Sustainability' - June 2022 Showcase Recap & Recording

'Startups Driving Sustainability' - June 2022 Showcase Recap & Recording

Understory Team
Understory Team

On June 22, 2022, Understory hosted the 'Startups Driving Sustainability' Showcase highlighting the startup innovators making our world more sustainable.

A recording of the event is available below.

Our featured speakers include:

In this showcase, we dig into multiple aspects of the circular economy from waste reduction to circular design to closed loop processes. In addition, we have an insightful presentation on the energy transition happening in Latin America. Key insights include:

  • Partnership and collaboration drives scale. Companies need to work together to fill gaps and extend the value chain. You'll hear multiple stories of collaboration between Understory community members and Rubicon's call for partners.
  • Design out waste from the beginning. We need to rethink existing products and materials to better serve a circular economy.
  • Second-hand furniture doesn't traditionally fit into a zero waste strategy so it is hard to measure impact. Over 12 million tons of furniture gets landfilled every year in the U.S. alone.
  • Latin America is still in the initiation phase of the energy transition to renewables. Significant opportunity exists to deploy simple solar and wind solutions within the region.

For more information about innovators driving sustainable change or our upcoming events, check out Understory's 'Startups Driving Sustainability' Showcase information page.

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